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New Mix – PLUR! Breakcore-ravecore-funny

As a response to a discussion I made this mix, there’s more info on my reasoning under the ‘more’ tag:

Belladonakillz – iM cRaViNg FoR a RaViNg
Panacea-Chartbreaka (knifehandchop’s electric diva remix)
knifehandchop – Used to be a raver
shitmat – bloodclot jungle techno!!
duran duran duran – tbi theme
renegade android – absolute terror
Venetian Snares – Fuck a stranger in the ass
Rotator – Get so Excited
Piss tank – Punching (Mr. Perfect overdub by Glassknife)
Duran Duran Duran – Pill Driver
cadiopusher – I’m going to rave up your ass like an accident
Fidel Villeneuve – Blood Clot heart attack
DJ Scud – Put up your lighters
Bong Ra – speed machine girl (parasite remix)
dev/null – fuck anyone who wasn’t into the stuff i’m into before I was

Stream it:

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Download from Here

So yeah. The discussion regarded PLUR which is word-filtered from EDM on the bmore-electro board. That’s a great board, by the way, and hilarity ensued when a certain local ‘old skool’ DJ began discussing how he felt we didn’t represent PLUR.

WTF!? is PLUR , yeah, yeah I know it’s a ‘vibe’ a feel.. to me right now (2008, right?) it represents this classic ‘rave’ scene, which is great, I’m sure it was fun. To me when people harp on about PLUR and Vibe.. I keep waiting on them to bust out the Vicks and start rubbing. Guess what, I’m usually right. I enjoy a raging party as much as anyone, but moderation and reflection on what it all means has kept me sane for a long time. As well as caution.

Maybe I don’t support local DJ’s as much as I should, this is because I don’t go out all the time, I don’t go out all the time because I’m either working on music, video, websites, or damn even hanging out with my soon to be Wife. Whether that makes me an old man or whatever I don’t care. I’ve tried throwing events that I would like to go to, guess what happened?

No one showed up.

We didn’t represent DJ culture, there were no rockstar attitudes present, just good music, good noise, and fun times. I remember we had a blackout one night and just ended up having a drum circle instead. We played tunes ‘live’ sometimes someone threw some MP3′s of weird shit they liked on. This was a party, and a collective effort to do something different. I believe DJ’s never showed up because we demanded that people play live as much as possible. It was a ‘live electronic’ event anyways, that was another problem, there wasn’t a genre, we had Trance, IDM, Jungle, Noise, whatever the Artists brought to the table.

to me that is PLUR

So I present you, my droogies, with a mix of PLUR, cooked up by modern madmen bent on destroying electronic music as we know it… cut it up and snort the shattered breaks and get bizzy.

  1. Glassknife - Breakcore PLUR mix says: February 1, 20084:14 am

    [...] PLUR mix showing us that breakcore have a lot of rave elements. Check out his post on the mix here. It contains a lot of great [...]

  2. Sanjay says: April 15, 20082:43 am

    I should, this is because I don’t go out all the time.

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