— W. Crouse

The Garden

So I have this love/hate relationship with my backyard. The ‘idea’ of a backyard is appealing, yet somehow getting around to mowing or working in it is difficult. Last year I tried doing a Square Foot Garden. This turned out pretty well, I ate some of my own veggies and it felt nice. This spring though I had a hard time figuring out when to plant or what to plant eventually it fell to the back burner, then it fell off the stove. Now it’s a giant bed of tall weird looking weeds.

Today though, as I murdered the tall grasses in the backyard, while the gears in my head turned over and over. I realized something: The garden would make a nice altar, with the goal to weed out my consciousness. This is rather trivially simple idea but to me it’s kind of profound. My magickal work has slacked off, I’m undergoing a fairly deep study of the tarot but I don’t do a lot of trans formative work.  After finishing the mowing I grabbed the shovel and began the task of turning the soil and pulling the tall weeds.  I realized if I did this everyday eventually the bits of weeds and things left over would decompose and I could begin planting for fall.  The same thing needs to happen with me, I need to spend the time (daily) to clear out the weeds that are plaguing my mind. The little nitpicks, like with the planting, the nitpick of ‘it has to be done right’. There is no right doing, only doing.

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