— W. Crouse


A handy exercise I just did, sort of adapted from Bandler (NLP). I’ve been having trouble getting calmed down from yesterdays panic attack. I had to be driven to work today because I tried to drive and was rather frightened that I wouldn’t be able to breathe properly (or whatever this thing is). Here follows the excercise that seemed to help me find a center again, I sort of ran through this in my mind:

Standing outside is easy, it’s simple to relax out here with the earth solidly under you… it’s easy to breathe.. it’s easy to just let your mind gently drift to a place where you felt calm and in control, you can feel how solid everything is… now think of the feeling you have right now the opposite.. make it a picture to put alongside the other one, make it smaller as the other one grows larger and larger until it fills your consiousness …. now step into the larger picture feel the calm, control,  feel how easy it is to be in this particular place and .. now feel it, make it bigger turn up the feelings of calm and control be in the picture. Take a deep breath and let it out in this picture… bring it to where you are now sink it in.

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