— W. Crouse

Music making productivity

It seems my productivity on music making needs some work. It’s not that I don’t work, it’s that I get nothing done. I can easily chalk that up to too many influences, no clear direction, etc. At the same time, for me, it’s play to a large degree. How to focus play energy in a productive way? That’s the challenge. Part of that challenge may be deciding what I like, and want to make.

Last night I explored NI Massive’s presets, all of the percussive loop ones, and it was decidedly fun, I learned a lot about the tricks that one can do to create rhythmic loops with that program, which is pretty deep with the performance modifier and the step modifier. This could be handy for live performance if it doesn’t kill my laptop in the process. Turning down the quality would make it managable.

My neatest discovery last night was the ability to send program changes in clips, this could be super handy in future, since I have no external hardware I haven’t had a need to do this. Massive is not a VST you want to stack up in a bunch of Racks, it’s pretty beefy. My solution will be to use program change messages. Yay.

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