— W. Crouse

Workflow Scheming- Track Sketching

Once again I find myself at a loss for time, with a lot to do.

I rambled about my workflow a few posts ago and there hasn’t been a lot of change. Today I sat down determined to mine my track folders to find something to ‘finish’. Nothing really jumped out at me and with the APC now I have a need to begin integrating it into my setup. So in the process of figuring out the macro knob banking I began creating an operator kick drum rack system (another one, you say). I created some other synth percussion tools at the same time. Then it hit me, boy do I spend a lot of time focusing on creating my own sounds, not that that is a bad thing. Thing is though, I spend that time but there’s nothing to show except more tools for later.

I’m determined to optimize my workflow. To that end I have decided to focus on sketching tracks out, using whatever sounds ‘good enough’ this will be a multi step process.

  1. Play with quick rough sounds to get a groove/chord prog/bassline I am fond of.
  2. Quickly sketch an arrangement around it with a basic drum kit.
  3. Put it away. Write something about it down on a notecard.
  4. If I’m feeling particularly inspired start at step 1 with another fresh session.
  5. One day a week, grab a notecard, finish the track by redesigning all the sounds and rough mastering.

If this goes well you should see some fresh tracks coming in.

I’ve decided to abandon my work on creating an APC40 and Reaktor tool for live stuff for now, I am going to see about assigning some of the notes to step sequencers though, maybe I can send midi out to get the feedback. Just trying not to obsess about it.

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