— W. Crouse

Max for Live Instrument Roundup

This series will review Max for live devices I really enjoy, here’s the first roundup:


Imperial Grains (need to add screenshots)

Sometimes you just need a simple granulating tool, this one lets you scan the waveform by a slider which you can then map to a knob or modulate, also using the integrated LFO’s and envelopes in M4L core will help make interesting modulations possible. It works really well with sweepy kind of waveforms. The ‘Glue’ knob is quite handy.

FMbox 1.03

A simple FM synth with an integrated steq sequencer that you can target 2 different parameters with, one can make some ridiculously good techno patterns with this device

PUSH SkinnerBox 1.0

The synth modules that were included in the Skinnerbox instrument/sequencer combo that came out around the time max for live was introduced, these are tremendously fun to sequence with push and use the new parameter step sequencing features.

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