— W. Crouse


This incredible game has one flaw. No one know how the #*%&*^ to play Multiplayer. It’s getting much better as more people enter this 4th installment of the series. Part of me feels this is the ultimate downfall of switching to consoles (Xbox 360 for me), coming from a long time PC gamer perspective the average (and I mean most common) XBL player doesn’t have experience with working together to accomplish goals, or how to focus on competitive play, of course maybe I’m curmudgeonly. 

My more basic tips:

  1. Stop yelling for people to turn off Auto-Aim, it really doesn’t matter, and you don’t have to use it, prove how genetically superior (lol) you are. It doesn’t help and it doesn’t hurt, this is not a FPS, Auto Aim really only helps you find your target quicker, not aim. If you just squeeze the the left trigger all the way and unload, a better player will simply locate you and get the headshot by switching to free aim after targeting you. Seriously.
  2. Get Armor (the Blue Shield Icon on your radar) as quickly as possible. The odd thing about armor is it’s also usually found in places that have good cover.
  3. The M-4 rifle is one of the most effective weapons. The Sniper rifle is only useful if you can scramble up to a high point quickly. Find out if anyone on your team knows good sniping spots if you pick up the rifle

Read on to learn more about Multiplayer Settings and having a more GTA like experience.

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