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My recent digs into the Reaktor user library inspired some new tool design for Ableton Live’s Racks. Last night I wanted to create some glitchy drum patterns, there are a plethora of tools for such in Reaktor, but I felt creative. I made a new rack that creates random drum hits from velocities, with a selectable glitch chain after it. When I replace the samples in it with my own I’ll put it up here. It creates very interesting glitchy hat like patterns but it could be used with any sound type.

I first started making this tool with another program, I was using the patching environment VVVV to create a random CC generator, but either my virtual midi wires were crossed or it was spitting out too many value messages because it was not communicating with the knob it was assigned to very well (it was assigned to the Chain Selector). Finally I decided to use the velocity plugin, in a random mode, and  put the drum hits at different velocities. Then I use a velocity plugin after the randomization phase to put back a little oomph.

The exercise was quite fun, but it exposed some weaknesses in my ability to patch useful tools. I need to work on this.

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So I was googling for “intonarumori” a term I wasn’t familiar with, in relation to a reaktor ensemble that Richard Devine recommended on his twitter feed (“IntonaruMori v v1.1″ by Rick Scott).
I found this interesting site with a collection of Futurist manifestos. Here’s are some excerpts:

From “The Art of Noises” by Luigi Russolo:

  1. Futurist musicians must continually enlarge and enrich the field of sounds. This corresponds to a need in our sensibility. We note, in fact, in the composers of genius, a tendency towards the most complicated dissonances. As these move further and further away from pure sound, they almost achieve noise-sound. This need and this tendency cannot be satisfied except by the adding and the substitution of noises for sounds.
  2. Futurist musicians must substitute for the limited variety of tones posessed by orchestral instruments today the infinite variety of tones of noises, reproduced with appropriate mechanisms.
  3. The musician’s sensibility, liberated from facile and traditional Rhythm, must find in noises the means of extension and renewal, given that every noise offers the union of the most diverse rhythms apart from the predominant one.
  4. Since every noise contains a predominant general tone in its irregular vibrations it will be easy to obtain in the construction of instruments which imitate them a sufficiently extended variety of tones, semitones, and quarter-tones. This variety of tones will not remove the characteristic tone from each noise, but will amplify only its texture or extension.

I found these manifestos fascinating, unfortunately they seem to be written primarily by fascists. :(

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This weekend was somewhat lazy, ended up watching a ton of movies. Saw Rambo, that movie I think has the most kills per minute in anything I’ve seen for a while, very gruesome and over the top. Yet somehow hilarious. Jackie wanted to go see “Final Destination” in 3D, which was sort of a giggle fest as well, with all of the “hey look this is 3D” sort of shots.

On the music front, I worked with Reaktor some more. Building a few things to learn, and exploring how snapshots and such work. Last night I actually spent some time creating myself some material to ‘jam’ on and had a blast. I’m not sure the track I created was great, but I sure had a great time creating it, which is worthwhile. I think with some polishing and more precise editing it’ll be nice.

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So I have this love/hate relationship with my backyard. The ‘idea’ of a backyard is appealing, yet somehow getting around to mowing or working in it is difficult. Last year I tried doing a Square Foot Garden. This turned out pretty well, I ate some of my own veggies and it felt nice. This spring though I had a hard time figuring out when to plant or what to plant eventually it fell to the back burner, then it fell off the stove. Now it’s a giant bed of tall weird looking weeds.

Today though, as I murdered the tall grasses in the backyard, while the gears in my head turned over and over. I realized something: The garden would make a nice altar, with the goal to weed out my consciousness. This is rather trivially simple idea but to me it’s kind of profound. My magickal work has slacked off, I’m undergoing a fairly deep study of the tarot but I don’t do a lot of trans formative work.  After finishing the mowing I grabbed the shovel and began the task of turning the soil and pulling the tall weeds.  I realized if I did this everyday eventually the bits of weeds and things left over would decompose and I could begin planting for fall.  The same thing needs to happen with me, I need to spend the time (daily) to clear out the weeds that are plaguing my mind. The little nitpicks, like with the planting, the nitpick of ‘it has to be done right’. There is no right doing, only doing.

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There’s always time to launch your dream

From 37 Signals… via Greyscale Gorilla Blog

This hit me in a time when I was thinking of all I need to do, recently I’ve decided to dive back into full learning graphic sort of things. Mainly 3D, but also going back and reviewing my knowledge of traditional 2D as well. There is always time, there’s plenty of time to learn everything you need to. Especially if its something you enjoy. When I was trying to get various IT certifications there was never time. Since I’ve been exploring my passions, I have nothing but time when I fire up my favorite applications and put on some tunes time just stops.

Now I just need to start getting those renders up here.

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I’ve been messing about with various linux distros since about 2001, really for no other reason than because I’m a damn nerd.  What mainly turns me on about using free and open source software is freedom,  which has a lot of different meanings to different people, for me it boils down to ownership I can modify/edit/break my system with linux and other oss to my hearts content. Of course you can do that with Windows as well. This post isn’t supposed to be about any of this philososphical wankery. It’s about my recent experience in getting a fully capable 3D workstation running with Ubuntu Studio.

Ubuntu Studio

This flavor of debian/ubuntu came to my awareness a year and a half ago and mainly I was interested in exploring the JACK audio system and LADSPA plugins. I tried the 8.04 version and after some audio driver wrestling I was reasonably satisfied with it, Xruns with ALSA became problematic because of my sound card (a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1) so I played around with some stuff and dual booted, ignoring it for quite a bit.

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Over at BoingBoing.net

They posted this amazing resource dug from the Internet Archive of psychotronic films from the 60s

 I’ll be watching most of these, sweet!

The List is here

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Get your awesome on.

This thrills me to no end. I ordered a lot of music a few years ago, always attempting to order with local distros or others. Now instant gratification is attainable.

Players and essential listening under the cut, in this series I list some hymen albums that need some love. Tomorrow I will do the same with Ant-Zen. There’s a player at the end of all of this. Beatport you need to fix your flash player.

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As a response to a discussion I made this mix, there’s more info on my reasoning under the ‘more’ tag:

Belladonakillz – iM cRaViNg FoR a RaViNg
Panacea-Chartbreaka (knifehandchop’s electric diva remix)
knifehandchop – Used to be a raver
shitmat – bloodclot jungle techno!!
duran duran duran – tbi theme
renegade android – absolute terror
Venetian Snares – Fuck a stranger in the ass
Rotator – Get so Excited
Piss tank – Punching (Mr. Perfect overdub by Glassknife)
Duran Duran Duran – Pill Driver
cadiopusher – I’m going to rave up your ass like an accident
Fidel Villeneuve – Blood Clot heart attack
DJ Scud – Put up your lighters
Bong Ra – speed machine girl (parasite remix)
dev/null – fuck anyone who wasn’t into the stuff i’m into before I was

Stream it:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download from Here

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