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This weekend was all over the place, hurriedly got ready for my show saturday night. One important thing to remember when making a live set for a show, try to avoid changing it alot at the very last minute. Fortunately it was a place where experimentation was welcome and there wasn’t a lot of pressure.  None of the set was pre-sequenced, it was designed to live loop, however there was a hole in a last minute decision regarding percussion looping that really broke the whole set up.

Taking advice from a good friend, I’m going to make a ‘fun’ set I’m thinking something I can pull 2+ hours of techno from and linking it up with VVVV.

Otherwise, I ended up purchasing a new mouse, still on the fence on whether I like the mouse or not. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time doing 3D modeling and I wanted something that would be both more ergonomic and allow for more precise control (laser). I settled on a Logitech MX Revolution which I do enjoy quite a bit, except there’s no middle mouse button. The clicking is so precise though that it’s pretty easy to click both left/right buttons at once to trigger a middle click. Works fine that way in Blender and Firefox. Reassigning mouse buttons in Ubuntu is not very elegant.

Here’s a pic:

Logitech Mouse

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2008 is filled with Change


Changes that are imminent but not apparent are changes of awareness, belonging and appreciation of beauty. Realization of goals, aims, and a building of community.

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I started this blog as a backend for W. Crouse.net.. I guess a behind the scenes look more-so than a back-end..

Consider it the back lot, where I talk about Graphics, esoteric thought, and my slow process of building a new career for myself.

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