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Before work the other day I was browsing the latest issue of Computer Music (or it might have been the new special, I can’t really remember), whichever it was, there was an interesting interview. The artist had been generating daily renders from the same 3DSMax file for a really long time. The renders were pretty neat, all very abstract, he commented ‘people recently keep asking me if I used processing for these’. It got me to thinking, crazy extra dimensional 3D renders really inspired me (in 2000 or so) when I began learning Maya, etc etc.. that and the fact I needed it for work. I’ve had some experience with generative environments (mainly vvvv) but have been getting deep into Blender. The neat part about doing 3D in a generative manner are the cool design elements that come out of the chaos.

I like the idea of  doing this exercise, so here is day 1:

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I’ve been messing about with various linux distros since about 2001, really for no other reason than because I’m a damn nerd.  What mainly turns me on about using free and open source software is freedom,  which has a lot of different meanings to different people, for me it boils down to ownership I can modify/edit/break my system with linux and other oss to my hearts content. Of course you can do that with Windows as well. This post isn’t supposed to be about any of this philososphical wankery. It’s about my recent experience in getting a fully capable 3D workstation running with Ubuntu Studio.

Ubuntu Studio

This flavor of debian/ubuntu came to my awareness a year and a half ago and mainly I was interested in exploring the JACK audio system and LADSPA plugins. I tried the 8.04 version and after some audio driver wrestling I was reasonably satisfied with it, Xruns with ALSA became problematic because of my sound card (a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1) so I played around with some stuff and dual booted, ignoring it for quite a bit.

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Recently I’ve been diving back into visuals, namely because my friends over at More/Less are having a party and asked if I could do something. It’s been a little while, after my complete life crash and then needing to get another job the hours of which are not conducive to live visuals.

I was hoping to use Flash here, and create some things, but due to the fact that my keydrive for some mysterious reason doesn’t work, I came up with other options:

live from vvvv

 vvvv set @ flickr (click image)

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